c3 Crew is an educator, partner and flashlight party co-host. His poetry can be found in near-past or near-future on Seattle area buses. His work also appears in issues of Plainsongs, Grub Street, and Reed and Abstract Magazine. He can’t quit time travel poems—and he kind of doesn’t want to. He lives in Seattle, WA with his family.

c3Crew is a behavior and academic interventionist, parent and mini-clover enthusiast. c3’s poetry has recently appeared in the DMQ and Hole In the Head Reviews, as well as Midway Journal and The Journal. c3 can be found on playground duty pretty much any hour of the day.

C3Crew is a schoolteacher, father and mender. c3’s poetry has appeared in Spillway, Bodega, and The Sugarhouse, Cincinnati & Gettysburg Reviews. He is, right now, happily in-hobbit-ing some cozy Northwest haunt.

c3crew is an MLL teacher, son and (extremely) amateur ornithologist. His poetry has been nominated for Pushcart Prizes by Abstract Magazine and Belletrist. He is working on teaching his children the difference between a CD player and a coinslot and his school the difference between just and just.